A Schitt’s Creek Themed Trivia Night at Mims House

A Schitt’s Creek Themed Trivia Night at Mims House

Oh schitt! That is pretty much our motto right now.

Coronavirus has reared its ugly head in the form of postponements, cancellations, fear and anxiety. As soon as we stabilize one event, another one starts to crack. We’re running around like Chicken Little screaming “the sky is falling” while our hearts simultaneously burst open with endless empathy for our fellow vendors who are also getting knocked down. We know the show must go on. And it will. It might be a smaller show or a delayed one but we will collect the fragmented pieces and put them together to create something magical like the professionals we are.

Schitt's Creek Triva

The most important message we hope to convey is that we’re here. For our clients, for their families, for our vendors and friends, we’re readily available to you in whatever capacity you need right now. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and vocalize how we can assist you during these uncertain times. Cross promotion? Moral support? Prayers? Need to use Mims House? Let us know and rest assured you’ve got a friend in us.

Last week, before a virus infiltrated the beginning of busy season, we hosted a Schitt’s Creek Trivia night. It was the first ever of its kind for us and might we say, it was such a delight. We opened the doors to Mims House to anyone and everyone who wanted to test their Schitt’s Creek knowledge. It was so rewarding to see fellow vendors not only show up to play but show up to play dressed in costume. (Looking at you Kevin Holland and Make Up by Ashley Mooney!)

Schitt's Creek Characters Schitt's Creek Gifts Schitt's Creek Gifts Schitt's Creek Characters

We offered themed cocktails and snacks while hosting four rounds of questions ranging from the casual observer level to avid repeat watcher status. Winners took home a filled-to-the-brim swag bag stuffed with all things Schitt’s Creek. We were beyond impressed with the show knowledge from all of the teams and are already brainstorming our next trivia night topic.

A gigantic virtual hug to Brent with Live View Studios who stopped by to snap these pictures so we could remember our first trivia event and to Josh with DJ Rang who provided the background tunes and infused the crowd with joy through his boisterous and engaging personality. What we do isn’t possible without the people around us.

Schitt's Creek Party Foodschittscreek schittscreek Schitt's Creek Trivia Schitt's Creek Trivia schittscreek Schitt's Creek Trivia schitt's creek trivia Schitt's Creek Trivia

And that’s why, as schitt is getting real, we want to make sure you know you aren’t alone. We’re in this together. Our spirits and bank accounts may be slightly shook, but we’ll come out on the other side.

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