Technically my online dating profile could state I’m a habitual third wheeler. Very regularly I tag along with Brooke and her husband at family outings, bars and trips. When Kevin celebrated a milestone birthday last year, Brooke and I decided to surprise him with a trip to Amsterdam – Three’s Company-style. Let me let you […]

Valentines Dinner

We’re setting the mood just for you! Join us on Friday, February 14, 2020 for a Valentine’s Dinner at the Leslie-Alford-Mims House complete with fine dining, candlelight and live music. Why should people getting married be the only lovebirds to enjoy the intimate and elegant setting at a historic landmark? Why trek all the way […]

We love to travel. Such a simple statement, one commonly found on online dating profiles, but sometimes the truth is just that – simple. Our love for jet-setting around the world has been a key ingredient to our ever bonding friendship. We weren’t just bitten by travel bugs, we were infested with them. Traveling is […]

global dash, travel, Spain, Mikkel page photography

We are the biggest advocates of travel — and not just for the stamp in your passport. Travel has a way of making the world look so big and so small all at once, and I never learned this more fully than in my first time traveling abroad. On the coattails of a particularly draining […]


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