The Reason We Love to Travel

The Reason We Love to Travel

We love to travel. Such a simple statement, one commonly found on online dating profiles, but sometimes the truth is just that – simple.

Our love for jet-setting around the world has been a key ingredient to our ever bonding friendship. We weren’t just bitten by travel bugs, we were infested with them. Traveling is this magnetic force that pulls us to new countries, different time zones and foreign languages. We both have a deep rooted desire to go to the grave knowing we ate at all the places, we swam all the seas, we said yes to all the experiences and we collected more memories than things.

It’s often a misconception that traveling is ridiculously expensive. Yes, there are certainly costs involved, but you’ll pay for what’s important to you. Some people have hobbies. Some buy red soled shoes. Some drink their dollars. We spend ours on miles in order to experience change and to momentarily venture outside of our comfort zones.

I worked in the corporate world for almost five years before quitting to run my business full-time. Do you know what I remember about those five years? Traffic and a computer screen. Waking up stupid early in order to beat the rate race on my 45-minute commute. Day in and day out, sitting at a desk while wearing dress trousers and staring at a monitor in front of me. Hardly Instagram worthy and far from fulfilling.

And that’s why we travel. Because we’ve worked incredibly hard in a relentlessly unforgiving industry to be where we are today. We are fortunate and grateful to have careers that don’t require use of vacation days and the support of family and even ex-husbands to give us some much needed recharging.

In a few weeks, we’ll explore Portugal. We’ll use social media and this blog as a memory bank to hold all of the precious moments, mistakes and magic we encounter. And hopefully one day our children will see our posted adventures and be inspired to dream bigger than the soil they were planted. The world is your oyster. It’s up to you to search for the pearl.


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