Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

As hard as it is to comprehend, the time has come to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. Don’t be that person standing in line at CVS on February 14th holding a box of chocolates and a “I Love You Beary Much” stuffed animal. Take our advice and be prepared. We’ve done the hard part and all you have to do is click our links below and input those infamous 16-digits.

Here’s what’s great about the list we’ve compiled – it’s all inclusive. Whether you’re shopping for your sweetheart, your gal pal, your mom or any other Valentines, our guide has you covered. Want to spend $15? Want to splurge? Our suggestions span from minimal to luxury.

I can personally attest that receiving any of these gifts will guarantee a positive reaction because I know I would jump for joy if I was bestowed any one of them. Speaking of which, other than the two foot love of my life who will probably offer me half eaten candy hearts, I’m Valentine-less again this year because Cupid apparently can’t aim. If I have any secret admirers out there, this is in fact a personal wish list in addition to a helpful resource for others. Happy shopping!

1. Coach Floral Eau De Parfum
I knew I wanted this perfume in my life the moment I smelled it on a past bride on her wedding day. I receive numerous compliments every time I spritz myself. It’s a feminine scent with undertones of pink peppercorn and pineapple sorbet. If you want your boo to smell like a bouquet of fresh flowers – this is that perfume.

2. Jade Facial Roller
Is there scientific evidence that using a jade facial roller increases collagen stimulation or reduces wrinkles? No. Does it feel amazing to add a few drops of moisturizer to the roller and then move it up, down and all around your face? Yes. The cold stone on your face is incredibly relaxing which then reduces stress which then indirectly means you may be able to go an extra week before your next Botox appointment.

3. Name Necklace
A few years ago, the nameplate necklace was all the rage. But it’s 2019 and time to step up the name game. We love this Sofia Spaced Name Choker available in gold, silver or rose gold.

4. Gucci Leather Belt with Double G Buckle
Search the hashtag #guccibelt on Instagram and you’ll immediately enter a world of influencer clones. Girl after girl sitting in the driver’s seat, holding a Starbucks with her designer purse strategically posed next to her. Take a peek at her waist and there it is – a Gucci leather belt. I know they say color outside the lines and don’t conform but I like black and I like Gucci.

5. Work It Out Water Bottle
It’s a known fact I need to drink more water. I’ve been saying that for about ten years. Motivation is the key and what better way to stay motivated than a stylish water bottle that offers encouragement and accountability?



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