Top 5 Pampered Chef Products We Love

Top 5 Pampered Chef Products We Love

We’ve been fans of Pampered Chef for years now. The products are innovative, durable and useful. Whether you’re looking for a creative hostess gift, wish items for your wedding registry or an upgrade to your current kitchen tools, Pampered Chef is your one-stop shop.

Preparing your meals will be a breeze with these top 5 Pampered Chef products. Heck, you’ll even feel like you could win in a competition of “Chopped.”

1. Adjustable Measuring Spoons
Move back and forth between teaspoon and tablespoon with ease. The flawless design allows for easy access to dip into spice containers and the adjustable slider is removable for cleaning. These spoons will undoubtedly become a staple in your utensil drawer.

2. Easy-Read Measuring Cups
Keeping with the measuring theme, we’re moving along from spoons to cups. The benefit to these measuring cups can be found in the name. They are easy to read and make measuring liquids or solids effortless.


3. Mix-n-Chop
I can promise you’ll never cook hamburger meat the same after investing in this tool. The mix-n-chop is the easiest wait to crumble and chop. It’s a must-must-have for browning beef and turkey, scrambled eggs and more.

4. Cut-n-Seal
Do you have a two year tyrant dictating what he wants to eat and exactly how he wants to eat it? Join the club. This nifty tool allows you to remove the crust from sandwiches and seal the bread to make pocket sandwiches. You just put your filling between two pieces of bread, cut and seal.

5. Coating Trays & Tool
Remember the days of trying to find three separate containers to coat and bread chicken? And then trying to avoid spilling egg mixture all over the countertops? In walks the coating trays and tool. One end of the tool will hold meat in place with tongs while the other end will allow for dipping fruit and sweets. When you dip, I dip, we dip. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)


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