Don’t let his seemingly sweet smile fool you. It took one gigantic tantrum and an obscene amount of gummy worms to get him into those overalls. I don’t get it. It’s like he doesn’t even understand he has to sacrifice comfort to fulfill my deep need for Instagram-worthy outfits. Last week, we emerged from our […]

There are two things that are extremely therapeutic for me – baking and purging. I get such a sense of accomplishment with both activities. I will often bake with no intent of actually eating it and I’ll also often purge my closet, cabinets and knick knacks until I’m left with the bare minimum. Lucky for […]

My pastor recently referenced how Jesus practically ate his way through the New Testament. From water to wine, bread lasting three years and the feeding of 5,000 – miracles, testimonies and even His last supper was centered around food. He used meals and food as a way to connect with people, even tax collectors who […]

There’s a little football game coming on the tube this upcoming Sunday. Not sure if you knew that or not. It’s called the Super Bowl or something like that. Can we all just be honest with one another? We will really be tuning in to see Adam Levine. At least I know I will. Over […]

Each week I sit as a spectator to the most beautiful display of a free spirit. On one side of the glass sits a pool of stereotypical moms with cell phones plastered to their faces. There’s the glamour mom who showed up looking flawless as if she just left the local dry bar – which […]

We’ve been fans of Pampered Chef for years now. The products are innovative, durable and useful. Whether you’re looking for a creative hostess gift, wish items for your wedding registry or an upgrade to your current kitchen tools, Pampered Chef is your one-stop shop. Preparing your meals will be a breeze with these top 5 […]

I’ve always been a picky eater. One of those kinds who will eat ketchup but not tomatoes or will only eat onions and pickles if they’re fried. And don’t even think about serving me mashed potatoes with lumps unless you want to see my gag reflexes. When it comes to spaghetti sauce, it better be […]


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