How to Set a Negativity Trap

How to Set a Negativity Trap

While exploring a Balinese market last year, we used our worst negotiation skills to scoop up a two-for-deal on these bohemian dream catchers. Our gullibility and awful price haggling skills made us prime targets to Bali merchants. While our two-for-one deal was probably actually us paying twice as much as we should have, these hand-crafted pieces of woven fabric and wood have been playing bouncer to our dreams for more than a year now.

In ancient times, it is believe a dream catcher hanging above a sleeping individual could actually trap negative thoughts and feelings. A happy dream would come skipping along, and having known its way through the webbing, it would ace that obstacle course and slide down the hanging tentacles to sneak into the sleeping subconscious with positive vibes. The bad dreams, not knowing the way to maneuver through the webbing, would get stuck and ultimately perish at the first ray of sunshine.

What would happen if you applied the theory behind a dream catcher to your every day life? Imagine walking around with one permanently hanging over your head. Yeah, you look weird but envision using your body and senses as a filter only allowing in the good and deflecting the negative. When someone compliments or applauds you, soak it in like a sponge. Tuck those “You’re doing a good job,” “You’re an awesome mom,” and “I am proud of you” moments deep inside your memory bank. Tell the narcissistic-fueled, self-deprecating, negative filled and drunken-induced comments to take a hike.

The world is full of negative people and energies. But life is big and time is too short to entertain something or someone bad for you. Do you know what listening to a negative person turns you into? One of them. Be a Poppy, not a Branch. Heck, be Guy Diamond for all I care and fart glitter as long as you go around giving and receiving good vibes only.


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