Indoor Yard Sale

Indoor Yard Sale

Mims House Indoor Yard Sale
Saturday, March 9th

What are you doing next Saturday? Looking for whozits, whatzits galore? You want thingamabobs? We’ve got twenty. We’re going all Marie Kondo on our homes and Mims House and are hosting an Indoor Yard Sale on Saturday, March 9th. Let’s talk about why our yard sale might be the most awesome one ever to be held.

It’s being held indoors.
Rain? Sleet? Hail? Doesn’t matter. We’re protected. The yard sale will go on come hell or high water.

More variety than Walmart.
Not only will this yard sale feature items from our personal homes, but we’ll also be selling tons of Mims House inventory. So whether you’re looking for furniture, rugs, Christmas decor, wedding supplies, kids clothes or jewelry – we’ll have it.

Prices lower than Walmart.
They would have to keep rolling back prices to match ours. We promise you’ll leave our yard sale feeling like you robbed us.

There will be snacks and drinks.
Who wants to shop empty-handed? Sip on a mimosa while you rummage through our odds and ends.

Kids welcome.
It’s a Saturday. Chances are you’ll be lugging around the kiddos for weekend errands. Bring one, bring all. We’ll have a table set up just for kids to entertain themselves while you shop.

Amex accepted.
Don’t worry about going to the ATM to grab some cash. We’ll be accepting all major credit cards.

We’re fun.
Even if you don’t need anything and don’t want to shop, Brooke and I are fun to hang out with. Especially with mimosas. And if Brooke is getting up at 7am, you better be there.


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