Six Ways to Support Our Small Business (Without booking a wedding!)

Six Ways to Support Our Small Business (Without booking a wedding!)

We’re often asked, “What are the busiest months for weddings?” Without a doubt, April and May top the list of responses. With blossoming blooms and mild temperatures, Spring has always been a top choice for couples when selecting a time of year to get married.

So here we sit, nearing the end of April and on the cusp of May, vacant and at a complete standstill. The only venue guests are families of birds making their homes in our light fixtures and landscaping. Instead of serving cocktails to boisterous groomsmen, we’re drowning our sorrows one Kim Crawford bottle at a time.

There’s no question the nature and expectations for weddings will officially shift following Covid-19. We’re at a slight advantage because we are the first and established business offering elopement and all-inclusive wedding packages for smaller guest counts, but we know there will still be growing pains. While you’re empathic to our situation, you may be reading this and thinking there is absolutely nothing you can do to support our small business. And although we don’t like to point out when someone is absolutely and totally wrong – you are.

The spectrum varies from those who are now homeschooling three kiddos to those who are perfecting their recently discovered cross stitching hobby, but regardless, we all have a smidge of extra time on our hands. Use those hands and that excess time to do your part to help our business sustain this crisis. We’ve put together a handy little list of ways you can help us – or any small business – survive.

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3. Write Positive Reviews
Five stars mean a lot in the wedding world. Take a few minutes to give us your stamp of approval for potential clients to reference! Our preferred location for reviews is on Google and Facebook!


4. Comment on a Post
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5. Shout Us Out

Know someone getting married, having a baby, hosting a birthday party or looking for meeting space? (Even if it’s in 2021.) See someone posting online that they are in search of a venue or wedding planning services? Shout us out and refer us!


6. Visit Our Website and Blog 💻
Even simply googling and visiting our website for a few minutes will help improve our SEO which puts us in front of our target demographic. You might just find a recipe on our blog you want to try during quarantine!


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