Race Car Themed Valentines

Race Car Themed Valentines

I left a weekend bag in my trunk for 26 days. It was packed full of clothes, jewelry and two heavy coats from a photo shoot. I would see the bag every time I opened my trunk and for some reason, on every Target run, I would push it to the side or load my groceries around it instead of just taking it inside my home and putting away my belongings. I’ll even go as far as to tell you on Day 21, I took the bag out of the trunk and placed it a mere two feet to the left on my garage floor where it resided until I finally decided to quit being lazy.

I tell you this story to prove that even though I have already completed assembling valentines for Coven’s preschool class, I’m not always ahead of the game and on top of things. I have my moments of wild productivity and then I have days where the clothes stay in the hamper for a week just begging me to fold them.

If you’re trying to earn your “My Mom Rocks” sticker, I have a quick and easy Valentine idea that you’re more than welcome to borrow and play off as your own. I’m linking a Free Printable Download to these super cute car-themed valentines I designed that you can conveniently print at home. On your next trip to the red bullseye, pick up the retractable race cars found in the party section. You’ll get six in a pack for only $3. While you’re there, grab some washi tape and you’re good to go!

Inexpensive? Ready. Easy peasy? Set. Adorable? Go. You’ll be off to the races in no time. Just don’t leave them sitting in your trunk too long like someone I know.

Click here to download the FREE printable!

Car Themed Valentines – Mad Dash Life



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