Five Tips to Being Happier

Five Tips to Being Happier

There’s no foolproof way to avoid having a bad day. Sometimes they sneak up on you and other times they flat out slap you across the face. In fact, it isn’t necessarily a bad day as much as it is a collection of tiny inconveniences that make those 24 hours annoying. Forgetting the car seat and realizing on your way to carpool. Forgetting your carpool tag at home. Leaving your wallet at the gym check-in counter. Turning on the wrong burner and staring aimlessly at a pot of water wondering why in the world it won’t boil. While I can’t guarantee implementing these strategies into your daily life will prevent you from having your own blonde moments like mine, they will most certainly elevate your mood. Take my five little happy pills and see what happens.

1. Start with Gratitude

I’ve been using the Rachel Hollis Start Today Journal which encourages users to jot down five things they are grateful for at that moment. This daily morning practice has compelled me to focus on simple things I’m thankful for that may usually go unnoticed. For example, waking up to warm house during this Polar Vortex. A restful night of sleep. The physical means to work out. I’ve noticed my entries have evolved from generic “I’m thankful for my health” – to more specific – “I’m thankful for my friend Melody who spent her Friday night talking and welcoming me into her home.” Try waking up and immediately meditating on a few things you’re thankful for and watch your mood instantly improve.

2. Unsubscribe

I take each and every opportunity to unsubscribe to email lists. I already receive, filter and respond to an obscene amount of emails each day. I don’t need junk mail messing up my workflow. If it isn’t a service or promotion I’m highly invested in, I’ll take the extra step to click “Unsubscribe” so my email inbox becomes a hub for pertinent information only. Services like Unroll.Me are highly recommended.

3. What Goes In Comes Out

Since I spend the majority of my time in the car with a toddler, I’ve become keenly aware of what messages are being portrayed through the music we absorb. Since Coven is in “Monkey See Monkey Do” mode, I’m more in tune to specific words and meanings found in songs. Even my beloved country music promotes activities and language I don’t necessarily want Coven repeating. That’s why I always have Contemporary Christian music playing in the car when toting around Little C. While I thought I was just doing a favor to his ears and future behaviors, I began to realize how happy hearing positive and encouraging songs made me feel. I spend more time worshiping while riding in the car now than moaning and groaning about Becky with the good hair.

4. Password Protected

Even though a lot of your frequent passwords are probably auto-saved on your phone or computer, there are still plenty of occurrences where you have to enter a password. A few years ago I read about a simple trick when creating a password. Use a phrase or statement that is empowering. Since you’ll enter and see it multiple times a day, let it serve as a constant encouraging reminder. While going through a tumultuous period in my life in 2017, I changed all of my passwords to “Y0ug0tthis17!” Every day I would enter that phrase and remind myself that despite my situation and unfortunate series of events, I could do it. Create a password that inspires you and next time your computer requires you change your password, you’ll notice your evolution from the prior password and you won’t want to dropkick your laptop.

5. My Mantra
Maybe it’s hippie. Maybe it’s ancient. Maybe it’s hoopla. I don’t care. Having a mantra that I see each and every morning focuses my mind on the goal I want to achieve. It encourages me to live my best life and motivates me to keep going regardless of what obstacle is tossed on my course. Cultivate something that pumps you up and wards off negative feelings. “I choose to be patient. I choose to trust the process. Everything I have visualized, intended, prayed about and worked on is in the process of manifesting. I will remain centered and at peace. I will be strong and continue to believe. It’s all about to happen for me.”


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