They sat across from each other at our dining room table. They had laughed at that table. Shared meals with friends at that table. Celebrated birthdays at that table. Worked alongside each other at that table. She had told him we were expecting a baby sitting at that table. And nine months later, their marriage […]

While exploring a Balinese market last year, we used our worst negotiation skills to scoop up a two-for-deal on these bohemian dream catchers. Our gullibility and awful price haggling skills made us prime targets to Bali merchants. While our two-for-one deal was probably actually us paying twice as much as we should have, these hand-crafted […]

There’s no foolproof way to avoid having a bad day. Sometimes they sneak up on you and other times they flat out slap you across the face. In fact, it isn’t necessarily a bad day as much as it is a collection of tiny inconveniences that make those 24 hours annoying. Forgetting the car seat […]

house plants, succulents, aloe

If you’re expecting this post to be lovey dovey, you’ve come to the wrong blog. Maybe in some ways it will be but more importantly, I want this post to be a reality check and a great big virtual bear hug for anyone going through a similar situation. My life is presently and for the […]

Rose, cabernet, chardonnay, syrah…we love all the wine! We’re spreading our excitement for Friday and for wine by sharing some of our must-have wine-themed products, perfect for our fellow wine enthusiasts. Now, let’s raise our glass as we make a toast to you and all things WINE! Let’s Sip in Style with Pretty Wine Products First, […]

maltipoo birthday party

We’re celebrating a special pretty puppy It’s Lena’s second birthday and what better day to show off her prissy little birthday pics than on National Dog Day! We tend to be a bit extra when it comes to our pets and this was no exception. Lena had a full blown birthday bash and photoshoot at […]

stress awareness month, freak out journal

There it was in front of our eyes. It was either a warning sign, validation or maybe both. On a list of the 10 Most Stressful Careers, as reported by Forbes, the job we had blissfully chosen was listed. As if the struggles of daily living aren’t stress-inducing enough, top it off with an emotionally-charged […]

Tomorrow is the last day in March, officially ending Women’s History Month for 2018.  However, no matter the month or national recognition, we know women everywhere will continue to celebrate the trailblazing females of the past, present, and future! To continue the celebration of female empowerment, we’re sharing a few of our favorite inspiring quotes from […]

global dash, travel, Spain, Mikkel page photography

We are the biggest advocates of travel — and not just for the stamp in your passport. Travel has a way of making the world look so big and so small all at once, and I never learned this more fully than in my first time traveling abroad. On the coattails of a particularly draining […]

Women’s History Month Blog Post

Even though Read Across America Day focuses on celebrating childhood reading, it doesn’t mean us big kids have to miss out on encouraging each other to indulge in a good book or two! To honor both Read Across America Day and Women’s History Month, we’re sharing our top favorite female-authored books aimed to inspire every […]


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